Thursday, August 26, 2010

listen to your gut?

i am no longer listening to anything my gut says. i am now disobeying my gut.

i am no longer eating unhealthy. the way i think about it is... will this make me feel good after i eat it?
an all natural fruit smoothie? yes.
fresh veggies? yes.
fast food? NO.
ben & jerry's ice cream? HELL NO.

there's no point in eating crappy foods that do nothing to help my body function the way it needs to.

yes, this started out as an unhealthy outlook on food after seeing an overwhelming amount of pictures of thinspo [for people who don't know what that means, "thinspiration," a very unhealthy outlook many young girls view as their ultimate goal in becoming skinny.] i became obsessed with achieving "skinny." but now it's about achieving happiness, and more importantly, healthiness.

you must think, what do i want in the long run?
a healthy, strong, lean body? or that blissful moment when french fries excite your tastebuds?

quite honestly, i'm sick of feeling sluggish, out of shape, and just blah. so, here you have it. this week officially marks the beginning of my new lifestyle.


Jenna said...

It's all about being happy and healthy. I had to come to the realization that I would never be a pencil, and once I did i worked on getting healthy. Now I am fitter and thinner than ever. So if you change your mindset, it all falls in to place. Keep with that goal!

NOW. Welcome to IFB! It is such a fun place, you are going to love it. I love your blog already...fantastic. I hope you will stop by my blog, say hello, and follow if you like. Stay in touch :) I will be back here as well!


mary louise said...

best post i've read in a long time. seriously. this is great. i've recently changed my eating habits and exercise habits also. power to you :) i followed!! check my blog out :)

Jenna said...

I would love to follow...I just don't see where I! Have you enabled the google followers feature...not sure. Let me know!


A said...

sorry about that! i was doing a bit of overhauling tonight and i deleted that. it's back now :}

Jenna said...

Great! Done...would love it if you followed me as well. Great blog. I will be visiting :)


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