Wednesday, July 28, 2010


this shirt has been in my closet way too long [and due to gaining a few pounds the last couple of months, it's a little snug, especially in the arms] so being in a creative mood, i decided to cut the sleeves off and turn it into a sleeveless blouse.


after - voila!
final fitting.. me like!
paired with high-waisted shorts, a braided brown belt, and gray keds for my OOTD

birthday gift from my boyfriend! i adore it

and my OOTD inspiration:


Krystal said...

cute! and i just recently got a pair of those shoes that i'm in love with :)

S and O said...

Great idea!!
I love your inspiration ;)
Makes me want to do something with my old shirts!

Cristina @FujiFiles said...

Great idea! I bet I have a few collared shirts that could use some rejuvenation in my closet too..

xx Cristina

A said...

thanks girls! definitely give it a try

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