Monday, December 13, 2010

All I Want Is to Hold You Forever

Sweater: thrifted; Jeans: Forever21; Bracelet: handmade by Daddy; Earrings: Target.

Sorry for the terrible pictures, but I could find no place else to take some of my outfit! We're currently re-doing our dining room (previously my brother's room) so ignore the bareness and the terrible lighting. I'm also slightly sick of having no remote for my camera, so let's hear it for awkward poses that take 10 seconds to create with my camera's self timer!

So, good news! After being on a brief hiatus because of poor grades last semester, I've gotten my act together, reapplied, and am officially a student come January! Not excited to spend all of my Macbook fund on books, but college expenses are ridiculous! Anyways, I was actually at school this weekend because it was one of my best friend's 20th birthday on Saturday! We took the train into Boston and had dinner at Fire & Ice. It was so so yummy, and I'm surprised we all made it to our reservation on time. Also surprised we navigated the T! I've been on it probably twice before because I hardly ever go into Boston, but at least now we all know how to get there so I'm sure we'll be going all the time next semester for shopping! After dinner, we made our way back to school and hung around the dorm with other friends and had a typical college Saturday night. The only downside to the night was that one of my friends that was also visiting got food poisoning... stupid Fire & Ice! She was so sick, but hid out in the birthday girl's room to rest. The next day, the birthday girl and I went shopping at the mall because, seeing as only two pairs currently fit me, I needed an extra pair of jeans so badly! I actually bought three at Forever 21 and the total came to about $35... FOR THREE PAIRS. That is crazy crazy! And they fit me perfectly. I'm a happy camper.

Shopping was hard to hold back on! I tried on more than just jeans, of course, but I knew I couldn't be spending money. Besides, I've made an agreement with myself that I will not be going shopping from now until I've lost 10-15 pounds. I sure do love my shopping, so hopefully this will work for me! I know, I know, I'm not fat! But I am so totally unhappy with myself that I've cried so many times over my appearance and quite frankly I'm sick of looking the way I do. Call me crazy, so be it. I don't think anybody is perfectly happy with the way their body is.

Anyways, hope you all are enjoying your Monday!


Carly said...

You look lovely Aimee! You always do though. Thats great news about college, I wish you the best of luck with it!

A N G E L A said...

Love your sweater!! :D:D



Erika of Style Activist said...

Super cute! Love the green wall.

style activist

Chelsea Lane said...

I love how you justified your weight loss comment. none of us are perfectly happy with our bodies. I've always been so skinny, and never happy with the way I look. I've even been teased for being skinny, so we just can't win no matter how we look! time for a body peace treaty, I guess ;)

you look awesome here aimee! perfect thrifted sweater <3


..R May A.. said...

gorgeous, classic look :)

Aimee said...

Carly - thank you darling!

Erika - Oh my gosh, I despise it! My parents are changing it sometime soon I think, thank god!

Chelsea - You're so sweet, and you totally understand what I'm going through! Thank you :)

Jazzabelle said...

i adore your secondhand jumper, so pretty! i completely understand how you feel, lovely, my appearance is always getting me down too. xx

Aimee said...

Jazzabelle, thank you! And I hate being down on myself... it's crappy, isn't it? :\

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