Friday, May 28, 2010


so i guess my life officially sucks... i was wandering about the internet and i randomly decided to check my school email, and i wish i hadn't.
innocence is bliss, right?

"I am sorry to inform you that you have been suspended from the College for the period of one semester and have been dropped from any Fall 2010 classes for which you may have preregistered... I encourage you to use the period of suspension to consider ways to improve your academic performance and reassess your career goals."

mom's making me get a full time job. not only do i hate working but i HATE being home. i love being at school [minus the academic standpoint, clearly] and now i have to miss an entire semester.

three words - FUCK MY LIFE


The GUILTY HYENA said...

Time will probs fly by don't ya worry! :)

A said...

thanks chica <3 i'll hang in there

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