Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"i am not a piece of meat"

lady gaga NEVER fails to boggle my mind with her outfit choices. the woman must be clinically insane, but i dig the fact that she's hugely active in standing up for her fellow gays and equal rights for everyone. if you didn't know already, gaga posed on the cover of japan's vogue in a meat bikini, and baffled even more people by attending the VMAs in an ensemble consisting of meat.

in this video, she speaks with ellen about the reasoning behind her crazy outfit. touche, gaga, touche.


Choccy-Biccy said...

I absolutely adore this woman. And I admire her for doing this! But I can't get over how disgusting that must have been to wear, I suspect it probably smelt quite bad too! xxx

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't that much meat be really heavy and stinky and sticky and... ewww. Still, she looks good in red.

K said...

I love Lady Gaga, and I like the fact shes making a statement, but this is discusting!
but I'm biased i suppose, being vegetarian and all :P

Fashions Not A Luxury said...

love gaga!!!!!!!!

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