Thursday, September 9, 2010

day 27 | day 28

i am seriously slacking off on this challenge! without further ado:

day 27: why are you doing this 30 day challenge? - 
i started it because i was extremely bored and creating what i thought were extremely boring posts. after seeing someone post this on their blog, i thought it'd be an interesting way to present more of myself, on the inside, to my followers. i think it's working.

day 28: a picture of you taken last year, and one taken recently. how have you changed? -

physically, i have not changed much, give or take a few pounds and the length of my hair. mentally, wow. i have done a complete turn around. not a 180, more like a 360 because i'm even better than i used to be. yes, i'm going to boast, here. i appear happy in most of the pictures taken of me during that time, but on the inside, i may as well have been dead. i went from a fragile, terrified little girl who didn't feel comfortable in most situations to my true and honest self that i am now - outgoing, humorous, and most importantly, i am happy. it feels like life can't get any better.


¶ Michelle said...

looking gorgeous as always babe

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