Tuesday, September 7, 2010

transition to fall - dress for less

everyone wants to be stylish, right? duh. but not everyone and certainly not i can afford the luxurious and rich fashion designs created by high end designers. so, i've gathered some pieces everyone should own from target's clothing selection!

ps sorry for the tiny pictures and bad quality, target online is quite the little bugger!
and please note - i think the shoe pairings are absolutely hideous so exchange to your liking, of course.

 also available in teal


yumyumyum. i love cute, affordable fashion!


Krystal said...

I really like that pink and beige dress!

Jody said...

You have a great blog as well! Great Post! Love the look of your site :) - Jody, Tickle Me Chic

Jessi Lou said...

Target is a goldmine! Their shoes are especially wonderful.



devilishlypleasurable said...

the floral dress is beautiful!

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