Sunday, January 16, 2011

Obsessed, Much?

Ohhh, Forever 21, why must you carry such adorable (and affordable!) clothes?! You're sucking my bank account dry, but I really don't mind that much. While at work this morning, I sauntered over to my iPhone to cure my boredom. I have a group of apps labeled "shopping," obviously, so that was my first stop. Do I have money to be even looking at anything? No. Did that stop me? No.

New arrivals, anybody? Forever 21 has a great selection featuring some of Springs upcoming trends: florals (a trend that pops up yearly around this time), stripes, chiffon, oversized tees, and high-waisted everything. And if you know me, you know that anything oversized and striped is right up my alley!

Final verdict?


Jennifer and Sherry said...

I LOVE stripes! and I've been obsessed with anything chiffon lately. I wish I could buy everything I see and like..haha.

Carly said...

I'm a sucker for florals tbh! I am already desperate for some Summery weather.

Courtney said...

Oh yes, Forever 21 finally have some amazing pieces in! Love their highwaisted range, looks like some online shopping is in order! xx

Emilie said...

I love love love everything :)


Elle said...

i love love love everything you picked out! i'm a sucker for anything soft and feminine. I've been looking for a nice pair of high waisted skirt/shorts, but i find that a good pair is so hard to come by. Your blog is really cute, so i followed. feel free to follow me back <3

xx elle

Collette Osuna said...

My daughter works at Forever 21...nuff said, lol....I did some SERIOUS damage in that store yesterday....each month they totally turn over the store and reorganize the new shipments coming in...we were both able to snap some super cool brown high top boots that arent even on the sales floor yet!!

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Aimee said...

Jennifer and Sherry, gooooooodness me too! I need money, damn it!

Carly, agreed. Summer needs to get here faster so I don't need to worry about so much layering!

Courtney, definitely! I want those shorts so badly.

Emilie, ditto! Can't stop drooling.

Elle, thank you darling! I am following you back because your style is fab. Linked you in my latest post, by the way! :)

Collette, I am SO jealous! You better post those boots soon ;)

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