Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

This just in: Lady Gaga is bald. Did she pull a Britney a la 2007? Is it just a cap? Who knows. Mother Monster showed up for an acoustic performance of her new song "Hair" with a freshly shaved head. I think she'd look quite cute with a pixie cut faux-hawk going on once it grows back, if she did indeed shave her hair off.

Well, this for sure beats my photo of the haircut I got today...

I know we all get sick of our hair from time to time, but would you ever go completely bald?

*Photo via E! Online


Mila said...

o way I would go bald! Nooooo! :)

Katie said...

Haha, wtf!? I love Mother Monster, but sometimes...

Katie - G.N.

Jenna said...

OHMYGOSH. I have not seen this! No, I can't see myself completely bald. However, I respect her artistic sensibilities? Ha!


GIRL--your haircut is so cute. (Wayyyyy better than Gaga's. Just sayin'.

Carly said...

Oh my lord! That's all I can say!

Kara Chelsie said...

I hope she isnt bald! but to be honest, she always wearing wigs, what difference does it make? Maybe having her hair shaved was not to make a statement, but because its easier to put on wigs.

haha x

Chelsea Lane said...

I never would. but she kinda rocks it.


sjmwell said...

i loved her perfomances on paul o'grady!
however i doubt she actually went bald, its very clever make up, you just put a "shower cap" like cover over the head then paint it to look the same shade as her skin.

saw it on america's next top model years ago for a shoot! :')

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