Saturday, June 11, 2011

You've Been Cut

It's cut-out central everywhere you look!

We've all seen the Balenciaga cut-out boots, yes?
Swoon, bitches, swoooon!

Well now, of course, everybody's doing the trend! Cases in point:



little lyzi said...

Those first boots are amazing! A girl can dream...!
In reply to your comment - it hurts a little bit, but if you do it properly and gradually, stretching your ears doesn't hurt much at all. It's more of a tight feeling.

cheyenne davide. said...

omg that first pair of boots are wicked!!! I would love a pair :o xx

Cherry said...

I quite like this trend :)

Aimee said...

Lyzi, right?! Thanks for getting back to me on that :)

Cheyenne, they are absolutely gorg!

Cherry, me as well!

Emma said...

Oh man, I LOVE those boots.

Paola said...


Paola said...


Yona said...

Loved those tops... and more today that we're having here a perfect spring day <3 (even though is autumn here and it totally feels like winter most of the days lol).

SORDESCO said...

ugh, i would die for a pair of those balenciagas. love the cutout look in general, though!

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