Friday, December 18, 2009

naughty is the new nice

as i sit here in the library, looking at my blank word document that should contain a nine page essay, i started thinking about my new years resolution. i mean, come on, i am in college. why would i actually pay attention to fucking schoolwork?

while reading my cosmo magazine recently, i was happy to be informed that we should "be bad more often" for a new year's resolution. so, that is most definitely mine. no more giving a fuck about what people think of me. shorter skirts. back to my good ol' potty mouth. no more holding back. because why not? you only live once.

you know how you see that one girl that's the life of the party and always looks kickass and has a permasmile? well that, folks, will be me. it sort of already is, but i'm going to push the envelope on this one and say that my new years resolution is to be... fabulous.

naughty is the new nice.


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