Friday, December 4, 2009

what's a girl to do?

stand back, motherfuckers, i'm on a war path.

pms is such a bitch. i'm so pissed off for the littlest reasons, i could shoot someone right now. i need a new way of venting my anger besides punching the shit out of my bed. when i'm upset, i'm not the kind of girl who immediately reaches for the bottle. in fact, i've never been much of a drinker. so what do i do? i'm at a loss, that's for fucking sure. listen to sad music until i cry? go out for a drive and blast my music until i can't hear normally?

i don't fucking know. i don't even fucking know.


dustedkitty said...

HAH i'm too & shit sucks. i just blast horrible disco music and eat lots of ibuprofen! cheer up doll =]

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