Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spring Essentials

H&M Loving
I'm totally into what H&M has in store for the spring and summer season. I wandered over to their site to try to find the skirt that Andy had in her latest Style Scrapbook post, because it's freaking gorgeous! I totally want to be in her shoes, or lack thereof, on the beach, twirling myself around in the sand.

My money tree should be growing larger aaaany minute now. Yup, aaaany minute.

*Photos courtesy of H&M


DesignerSpray said...

The corally red lace dress is beautiful! xo

Lauren Ellingham said...

I do like that slinky floral top! Perfect with some jeans and wedges x

Becky-May said...

The floral dresses are lovely :) Beautiful post!

The Flower Girl

lolita said...

i absolutely love the first outfit together i would so wear those :) x

Courtney said...

Lovely pieces! That nude skirt and that coral lace dress are gorgeous! x

calla said...

i'm in love with that flowered tank top!


Aimee said...

Designer Spray, I know! Oh my goodness, I have nothing lace and I really need that dress! So cute but still fun.

Lauren, exactly what I was thinking. Love!

Becky-May, thank you! They are gorg.

Lolita, me toooo, I need them.

Courtney, RIGHT? Such perfect essentials that can be mixed any way.

Calla, eek me too!

GIAA said...

Great great post!



Aimee said...

Looooove the orange lace and the pastel skirt, great post!

[p.s check me out?]

Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

so lovely. x hivennn

Ashley said...

Lovely picks! I especially love the pale pink skirt. Whenever I go into H&M I can never find anything like this...and I don't know why!

sara l said...

aah, i tink i'm in love with that corally red lace dress! <3

Rachael said...

Oh such great picks!! I just picked up a jean jacket from there and can't wait till the weather feels more springy so I can wear it!

Dylana Suarez said...

This is all so beautiful!


Tonya said...

Great picks! I love all of the florals!

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