Thursday, March 31, 2011


My boyfriend would probably refer to some of these as "cinderblocks" or just completely heinous, but I am a-okay with that (thank you Man Repeller for some serious inspiration)! I simply cannot help myself... I need these in my life.

*Pictures courtesy of Solestruck


Natalie Lord said...

My Mr. often doesn't like things I own...what does he know! I say follow your heart to the mall Love! OXO Nat

Ashley said...

I'll take the first one, please. I shouldn't even look at Solestruck because I always end up wanting a bajillion and one things that I can't afford. Have you seen the new JC Mariel wedges in pastel colors? NEED!

Kristen said...

love the color of the last pair but my favorite has to be the first wedge!

Becca. said...

love love love the second and last pairs!!


Aimee said...

Natalie - totally know what you mean! Haha, definitely some great advice! :)

Ashley, OMG YES! The mint color is to die for!

Kristen, I love them all! I want them so badly.

Becca, me too! Eek. I need money, stat!

are you dressing up or dressing down said...

oh I want these all!

Helen, X

purse 'n boots said...

ahhhhhhhhhh love that first pair!!! and boyfriends never seem to like the same things we do! if it was up to them we would all be walking around in skintight dresses ;) hahaha thank you thank you sooooo much for your sweet comment!!

ashley <3

Jenna said...

those wedges are bombbb.

i'll keep you updated on my rings. only $5!

xo, j

Bailey Hospodor said...

Love the studded pump!
Thanks so much for the comment!


Michelle Elaine said...

i am majorly in love with the first pair! hav eyou seen the new sensos available at solestruck?! O_O


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