Tuesday, March 15, 2011

If You Ain't Shittin Then Get Off the Pot

 Gotta love crude Nicki Minaj lyrics!

 Sweater: Decades Past, bracelets: Jewel Mint
Hey, darlings! I'm here right now asking for any type feedback, ideas or suggestions you have regarding my wittle blog. What do you like that I do? What don't you like? Am I updating too much? Too little? I'm all ears, so let me know! It'd be a huge help. Thank you!

PS. Boyfriend says hi! He's so cute.


Catherine said...

love your sweater and bracelets :) xxxx

Courtney said...

You look majorly cute! That sweater is real nice, as are those bracelets :)
I like your blog, its cute, i like outfit posts, so maybe some more of them, :)
Care to follow one another, i'm now following you, xx

Ashley said...

You look so cute! Love that sweater! I think you're doing juuuuust fine with your blog. You post just the right amount. I wish I could stick to more of a regular posting schedule like that!

Natalie Lord said...

Hey Aimee!! Your blog is great, you're adorable and sweet, how could it not be?!! Love your sweater! OXO Nat

romwe said...


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Carly said...

Love your sweater - that is super cute!

Prutha said...

cute bracelet


follow if u like what u see?


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