Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Interior Envy

Kevin Haley has previously designed rooms in celebrity homes, such as Brad Pitt and Leo DiCaprio. His knack for finding the perfect decor is totally effing amazing. From the architecture of the outside walls to the fabulous upholstery of the furniture, this house blows others out of the water. I love the romantic yet relaxing feel to absolutely everything. Even the bathroom is fantastic.

I want this house.
As is.
Someone buy it for me?

Is this something you'd want your house to look like?
What's your personal style when it comes to interior design?

*Photos courtesy of shelterpop


Terezsia said...

wow, this house is awsome!! i hate post-moder plastic not cosy houses..but this one is so worm, homy..perfect!!

Ashley said...

I'm in love with that first picture! I would just die to have a walkway like that! So beautiful and enchanting xox

Aimee said...

Terezsia, I dislike that a bit too because it seems so impersonal! I like cute touches like this house - it's got loads of style!

Ashley, me too! So exquisitely gorgeous!

Signorina Christina said...

I love the kitchen and the bathroom!!! love black tiles... :D
Your blog is great!!!I'm definitely a follower! :D


Signorina Christina said...

I really like the kitchen and the bathroom... I love black tiles!! :D Your blog is great!!! I'm a follower!!! :D


Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

All of the above would be amazing. So pretty. x hivennn

Chloe Mia said...

It's beautiful! i love white kitchens :)


You got a bright pink blazer how cool is that! Love the house pictures.

Heather said...

Thank you for the suggestion! I will def. have to try it out with a paper clip *which means I have to steal some from my office lol*

AND OHMYGOD this house is beautiful. That backyard is to die for! It's like my dream to have a backyard.


Jennifer and Sherry said...

This house is BEAUTIFUL! I love interior design and looking at beautiful homes.

and I LOVE the new blog name/banner! I didn't know you could change blog names but still keep the same followers. that is GOOD to know! I've been wanting to change my blog name too...haha. but was afraid it'd erase everything.


Emily said...

I love the kitchen and the garden is amazing!xxx

Anonymous said...

Love the kitchen range. Isn't that our patio?

oomph. said...

i would love an outdoor oasis like the last picture :)


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