Saturday, March 26, 2011

Forever and Always

Now that I've finally gotten a decent check from working over spring break, I went on a mini shopping trip! I wasn't aiming to buy much of anything, just browse. I actually found some cute basics at TJ Maxx. I was there for so long drooling over some gorgeous purses they had in stock, but we all know I can't afford anything right now as a poor college student. My basic (read: pretty uninteresting) buys are down below, basically just showing you the colors and such; I'm trying to slowly but surely add color into my wardrobe. (And I also added a new baby to my collection of mugs! Always looking for more. This one is of Paris.) Anyway, here is what I wore today while out gallivanting. Apologies for my douchey facial expressions.

 Pink tank top - Urban Outfitters; sweatshirt - American Eagle; jacket - Marshall's; jeans - Macy's; shoes: Rue 21; bag - H&M; spoon rings - made by my daddy

Currently on repeat - Forever and Always by Bullet for My Valentine


Beverley said...

nothing like a well deserved shopping spree after some hard work (especially over spring break!) i love that you snapped some quick pics with your iPhone, and it looks like your shopping spree was quite successful :)

Becca said...

Love the leather jacket!

INDIE elise said...

I love the leather jacket! The entire outfit you have on is definitely a look I wear quite often. So great style ;)

-Caitlin Elise

Dylana Suarez said...

Love this all!


Soul said...

Nice Blog

Aimee said...

Beverly, it was definitely needed!

Becca, thank ya darling.

Caitlin, thanks! I'm glad you like :)

Dylana, thank you!

Soul, thanks!

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