Wednesday, June 30, 2010

beauty wants!

after a rough night of partying, my friend and i went to the mall and cruised on over to Sephora to give us some fresh faces, and these are the products i've decided i LOVE but can't afford... yet!

boi-ing industrial-strength concealer
[works SO well, covers every little thing that needs extra attention and it doesn't look cakey or ANYTHING, it blends awesomely]

sheer matte foundation
[SO weightless and there's so many shades, even me, the palest person ever, found the perfect shade! it makes your skin feel so soft and smooth]

mascara singulier
exaggerated lashes - dramatic styling
[love the formula of this mascara, it's heavy on the thickness and i adore it. it doesn't clump or flake off by the end of the day like most others, either]

dollskin powder
[the texture to this stuff is so nice, your skin will just eat it up. the powder is so fine that it blends so easily. it lasts a long time and kept my skin looking oil-free and bright all day.]

by Sephora Collection:

natural eye tutorial
[all of the colors in this palette go together so well and it isn't too heavy, which i hate because i have pale skin. i don't need black shit covering my eyes everyday. the light colors in this really make your eyes pop and look gorgeous, no matter what the color.]

brow gel
ever wake up with your eyebrows so messed up it looks like they're in hiding and caterpillars have taken their place? this stuff keeps every unruly eyebrow hair in tip top condition and they look absolutely flawless after this application.


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