Wednesday, June 16, 2010

ruffles galore

ruffles can be wicked flattering, worn with the right kind of things, of course.

a ruffle shirt - worn best with SKINNY jeans or leggings, because if you have bulky jeans underneath, it won't look as flattering due to the extra materials.

a ruffle skirt - worn best with a fitted t or tank, as shown below. throw a belt on to break up the patterns more, which works great when mixing patterns or colors.a ruffle dress - wear it with a belt! it helps give your figure a more defined shape, especially if the garment doesn't have much of a shape to it.

a romper - wear as is! you could also throw a belt on the waist for a more defined shape if you wish.

and of course, don't forget to incorporate jewelry! bangles, big earrings, chunky necklaces.. whichever tickles your fancy


Krystal said...

I love the black shirt at the perfect

Fashions Not A Luxury said...

It's so Feminie.Girly Feel who doesnt love Ruffles?? :) love the white ruffle blouse :)

libys11 said...

totally adore the ruffles trend!! so feminine and pretty! :D

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