Wednesday, June 16, 2010

she's just being miley

don't get me wrong, i know all of the words to party in the usa and can't be tamed... i adore little miley cyrus. but let's face it, the girl is trying to grow up too fast. i understand that younger teens want to dress more maturely, but it's not always appropriate for that age group. we get it that you're comfortable, but we're not, as we watch you grind and do body rolls on stage during concerts. i wouldn't want to watch anybody that's younger than 18 doing that. tattoos, not wearing pants, half of her bra showing in public... you're not gaga and you're still underage. feel free to let loose the night you turn 18, but until then, keep it pg for your fans.

who else can't wait to start seeing all of the miley nip slips and crotch shots the day after her birthday? *cricket cricket*


Krystal said...

well said!
p.s. did you know that twitter pops up and prompts for a login a lot when someone visits your site? just making sure!

this free bird said...

you totally said it. she's cracked. did you know she's living in her own house with the bf and it's next door or a few doors down from the parents.

she's out of control and a ticking time bomb. i smell rehab and a sex tape off her.

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