Saturday, June 19, 2010

feeling hot hot hot

so today, after work, i decided it would be quite terrible to not spend some quality time at the beach and try to get some color. it's been too long since i've been burnt to a crisp by the lovely new england sun while making a perfect indentation in proportion to my tits and ass in the sand. my friend and i grabbed towels, fruit, and our sandals and were off to the private beach down my road [because lord knows the town beach is currently being mobbed by summer trash and other kinds of little gremlins]

path leading to the beach

voila! empty beach


now i'm at home, bored of course, and suffering a bit from too much sun... SUP sunburn? to add to my pain, i decided to eat some chips and [peach mango] salsa, mmm. since i was too lazy to wash any dishes, i used a little measuring cup i found buried at the bottom of a drawer in the kitchen.


Fuji Files said...

Yummmm salsa. I can't imagine anything I'd rather eat right now!

xx Cristina

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