Monday, May 9, 2011

Photo Log: Finals Edition

Writing this post is unthinkable at this time. I've come to realize that I will do anything (including sleep) to stay away from the textbooks and notebooks...

It's finals week. I could cry.

So here's me letting you know why I haven't had too many fabulous posts as of late.
By the way, I love me some instagram!

Enjoying the beautiful weather (when I can)

Reading too much Nylon Magazine... But how cute are those sunglasses?!
I need some (knockoffs) STAT.

Finals week is slowly killing me.

And this is how I've gotten by... Red Bull, a bit of partying, and painting my nails (color: Myrtille by Sephora) to ease some tension.

Bought these flowers for my boyfriend's mother... so beautiful! Nothing like some pretty flowers to cheer you up.

Obligatory switching up of the fruit... I mean, come on, how could I not?

Et voila.

I sincerely hope that you're having more fun this week than I am!


Anonymous said...

Love the pictures! and I always feel sleepy when I know I have work to do ha!

Fashionography. said...

That nail polish is so pretty! Good luck on your finals :)

Natalie Lord said...

Why are you reading this comment Aimee? Go study! Hee hee hee. Good luck Sweets! OXO Nat

Bernarda said...

Love this photos, Instagram is amazing :)

Sherry said...

GOOD LUCK on your finals! I looooove instagram too!! :P


Laura xo said...

Ooh, these photos are soo lovely! Instagram looks aaaawesome. Best of luck with your finals! Not that you need it ;) xxx

Emma said...

My word, those Prada glasses are brilliant x

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