Saturday, May 28, 2011

Zara Inspiration

Love these looks featuring Zara pieces! I definitely need to get my hands on some.

*Photos via Zara's People!


Chelsea Lane said...

I LUUUURRVEE that white blazer! the blue top photo is amazing too :)


Carlinn said...

I love zara and ll the colorful pieces they have at the moment!

Rohini said...

Love the first outfit, that blazer if fab! :)


owww i never find good zara pieces when i go to mine :(
aimee i saw you in the dare to bare thing and oh my gosh you are beautiful without makeup! :] xx

Sabrina said...


augustalolita said...

i love Zara!! these are such amazing looks!! makes me wish i can go shopping now!!!

Michelle Elaine said...

I like Zara, but haven't gotten anything from there just cause I feel like it's so much $... but then again I've been broke since forever so everything seems really $$$$$


Aimee said...

Chelsea, I KNOW! I would die to have a white blazer. So pretty. Looks classic with anything.

Carlinn, me as well! Love colors to spice up a boring outfit :)

Rohini, totally! I love it.

Lucy, I've never actually been in a Zara store, oopsie. But thank you! You are so freaking sweet!

Sabrina, thanks! I need my closet to have all of these pieces haha.

Augustalolita, me too! I'm always in the mood to shop when I see pretty clothes.

Michelle, some pieces are definitely up there in the price - but I love that some are cheap! I found a bag I happen to have fallen completely in love with on the site for only $30! Not too shabby.

Fashion Tales.... said...

I really love the last two looks, with their colours and patterns. :)

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