Thursday, November 25, 2010

Boot Evnvy

If it were my choice (and not my money) all of these babies would be lined up in rows in my spare room!
I am DROOLING over these boots. Seriously, someone get me a towel.

Suedette Ankle Bootie
$35 -
High heel booties »

Pam Project 99144
$154 -
Booties shoes »

Claudia Fur Bootie
$1,560 -
Platform boots »

Prada Metal Harness Bootie
$1,100 -
Booties shoes »

Confluence Boot
$55 -
Ankle boots »

CO-OP Barneys New York Studded Wrap Knee Boot
$449 -
High heel boots »

PS: Hoping you all had a lovely Thanksgiving and are now filled to the brim with yummy foods!


Lilly said...

Those are some fab boots! Wouldn't mind having a few of those in my closet either :)

Carly said...

They look awesome, I have a serious addiction to boots. I really don't need anymore but I just can't stop myself.

Anonymous said...

Amazing shoes!!

Chelsea Lane said...

ah I'm doing a boot post next week! they're just the perfect winter shoe that adds sooo much character. amazing picks!


ps I'm sooo excited for your package to get there! I'm like imagining it on airplanes and in post offices and everything haha (and I taped it super well!)

Aimee said...

Aren't they all gorgeous?!

Chelsea, I am beyond excited! Where is it that you're from? I wonder if it'll be here before Christmas haha!

Chelsea Lane said...

youuuu will find out where I'm from when you get it! haha :) it should be there this week!

Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

love these! x hivennn.

Carlinn said...

Ohhh they are all fab! i need to stop buying shoes though :P hehe

Nazna Lepever said...

i love these shoes, those prada's are amazing!

Purplement said...

You have a yummy-classy taste of boots...:).I love the whole collection to!!would do anything to have them in my closet to.Great blog you have:).Kisses from Kenya!x

3ate4 said...

Love the biker boots!

Pretty• In •Pink said...

loveee all those boots!!! they need to be in my closet lol.

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