Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I want Lanvin!

 In case you've been living in a under a rock for the past couple of months, you know that Lanvin has arrived at H&M! Well, almost. The collection will be available for viewing pleasure online at hm.com on November 4th, and available in select stores November 20th. He has such a funky imagination and I honestly love it.

What do you all think?  If I have the money, I'll definitely want to browse and hopefully purchase a few awesome things out of the collection!

If you haven't seen this on other blogs yet, take a peek!


Daniela said...

I'm loving every single thing in his collection - especially the shoes! But I don't know if the items will be in stores near me :(

Closet Fashionista said...

I want something so bad! But its all expensive :/ (but then again, way less expensive than normal Lanvin :p)

this free bird said...

i'm so scared the lines will be insane and people will be out of hand pushing and shoving. i'm a wuss and i admit it.


Emilie said...

I loooove everything in that collection!! Especially the pink ruffled dress :) On my blog there's a post with the whole collection btw, maybe you're interested :p



Inez said...

I'm so in love with this collection!

Jessica said...

Oooooh I would love to have some pieces of the collection!

Jan said...

I really don't know what to think about this collection, don't really know what I actually expected haha!

&Thanks for your cute comment!

..R May A.. said...

I love this collection - great post :)

Nadine said...

Great post!! I want the whole collection!

Aimee said...

Daniela, I actually don't usually go for girly types of shoes but I really do love his in this collection!

CF, it is a lot more expensive than I thought it'd be :( I plan on saving for some pieces though.

Carrie, gahh me too! But I'm feisty, so I don't think I'll have too much of a problem.. Haha good luck!

Emilie, I've already checked it out and I freaking love it all!

Everyone else, that liked the post, thank you thank you for your comments! I want the entire collection as well... like that'd ever happen! xo

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