Saturday, November 6, 2010

Holiday Gifts Under $20

Oh, the holiday season is quickly approaching! Or, since Halloween is officially over, is it already here? I don't know! Either way, Christmas music has already started on a local radio station and I am ecstatic! Being that time of year already, I absolutely MUST begin saving money for gifts! It's certainly not going to be a big-gift holiday, but it's going to be warm (in the emotional aspect), loving, and amazing. I can't wait. But saving up money and spending time and effort looking for the perfect gift for everyone can turn hectic!

Well, fear no more! I found a fantastic website, ModCloth, where you can find pretty much any gift you could ever think of. Everything is so fabulous and fun and cute! For anybody to the craftaholic to the cookaholic, they've got what you need. And with everything that I've posted being under $30, where can you go wrong?!

For the coffee addicts:

For the cooks:

For the artists:

For the new homeowners:
For the craftster:

For the fashionistas:

For the (fun!) family drunks:

For the technology challenged/lovers:

 So - have any of you started your Christmas shopping yet to avoid the crazy crowds?


Jessica said...

I'm challenging myself to do most of my Christmas shopping online this year, so this guide is perfect!

Michelle Elaine said...

I kind of hope I'm excused from buying christmas gifts this year seeing as how I'm broke and jobless... :x but I still hope for gifts?!


Zaira Mabel said...

oh the cupcake kit! And the sew darn cute is so darn cute! And the necklace! Oh your kiliing me here!

Anonymous said...

Awww... that strawberry bag is so cute!!!


Aimee said...

Michelle, I'm so broke it isn't even funny! But I'm hoping to get something small for everybody, eek!

Glad you all like my picks :)

vintch said...

Hi Aimee:) I just found your blog today and it is fabulous! I love the cupcake kit you featured in this post! As far as trying to avoid crowds this holiday season, I'm planning on buying homemade/vintage:) this way, you get a unique gift, plus you can find a majority online, which beats standing in line any day!

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