Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Story Time

There once was a girl who ran out of blush. Running errands was a must! She returned home with No. 7 "Coral Flush" among other items.

But she wasn't done complaining. Oh, no. Her lips were chapped -- cracking! Damn this cold weather, she thought.

Then suddenly, she remembered -- Smith's Lip Balm was just two feet away balancing on the top of her headboard just waiting to be applied to her lips! After her epiphany and a double application of the lip salve, she was a tad happier.

But for some odd reason, the girl was still stressing out! Was it the two cups of coffee that were making her jittery? Hmm. Was it the fact that she still has a list of things to get done? Hmm! Ding-ding-ding! Sounds about right.

After searching through the plastic bag that held her newly purchased and necessary drugstore items, she nearly cut her finger off with -- what was this homicidal item?! -- a Starbucks Pick of the Week card. What else but pape would seep deep into her finger and create that horrible little sting? Damn it. Anyways, after youtubing the song to make sure it was filled with awesomeness, she downloaded it and allowed the lovely sounds cheer her up, despite her newest battle wound.

To be continued...


¶ Michelle said...

awe this post was cute! loved the story :)

Aimee said...

Haha thanks girl! I'm crazy, I know.

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